The CHAMPRENAUT Group is created by André CHAMPRENAUT in 1989. He buys VIOLLET INDUSTRIES in 1990, a renamed company based in Meythet (near Annecy, 74) and created in 1924. In 1991, VIOLLET INDUSTRIES moves to a brand new plant, in Alby-sur-Chéran (74). In 1998, André CHAMPRENAUT gives in the company to 2 from his 3 children, Céline and Sylvain, ready to get in the business after their studies. Céline joins the group in 2001, and Sylvain in 2002.


In 2003, André, Sylvain and Céline buy a Romanian company, POLIPROD, created in 1951 and specialized in the manufacturing of farming equipment. André CHAMPRENAUT had already visited it in 1995 when it still belonged to the Romanian state. At that time, he had tried to buy it to the Ministry of Privatization, though unsuccessfully.


Since 2003, the complementarity between VIOLLET INDUSTRIES and POLIPROD allows us to offer our customers the quality of our project management, together with the competitiveness of our realizations, in the respect of the norm ISO 9001 - 2000.



Viollet Industries



Creation of VIOLLET INDUSTRIES by Francis VIOLLET. Manufacturing of hog troughs and farming equipment.



Francis VIOLLET gives in the company to his son Michel. During this period of time, VIOLLET INDUSTRIES, with the architect Paccard, realizes many metallic constructions for the king of Morocco, especially sliding metallic structures for Mosque roofs.

The company also makes the dike for Saint-Jorioz's harbour, the avalanche barriers for Avoriaz's ski station, and the metallic hull of the most famous boat in the Annecy lake: the "Libellule".




André CHAMPRENAUT specializes the company in the manufacturing of metallic handling means, in particular for the automotive industry.



Moving from Meythet to the current plant at Alby-sur-Chéran.


1998 to 2002

Period of big investments to increase the mass production potential: CNC saws, CNC bending machines, welding robots.


Since 2005

The company's aims moves towards low and middle volume productions, mainly for the capital goods field.





Creation of POLIPROD with the name "COMPANY OF LOCAL INDUSTRY".



The Romanian company changes its name to POLIPROD.


1972 to 1983

Building of the current plant, Strada Fabricii.



Change of legal status. POLIPROD becomes a commercial company with shares, with an entirely private capital. New company name: S.C. POLIPROD S.A.



POLIPROD becomes a subsidiary of the CHAMPRENAUT Group, a French industrial group.